Sustainable Intensification Project

Explore the role of farm advisors in landscape-scale sustainable intensification, with Landbridge

5 Sep 2017

A workshop for all advisory professionals working with land managers on Wednesday 4 October at AHDB, Stoneleigh Park

Nature doesn’t stop at the farm fence.  We are used to the idea of sharing machinery and equipment, but who is going to facilitate the coordination needed for landscape-scale planning that could enable sustainable intensification to increase yields, while also protecting the environment and maximising natural resources such as biodiversity, pollination services, water resources, iconic landscapes and carbon storage?  Farm advisors, as independent practitioners working with farmers across geographical areas, could play a key role.  In a workshop facilitated by Landbridge as part of the Sustainable Intensification Platform (SIP), land advisors from across the professions will have an opportunity to hear about the work of the SIP and explore the opportunities and benefits of a coordinated approach using a newly-developed landscape typology tool. This free workshop will be hosted by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board at their headquarters at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire and will be of interest to all the advisory professions including land agents, ecologists, and environmental consultants.  Booking is now open. Full programme can be viewed here. To reserve a place, please contact